Pretty Psych

Pretty Psych

Hosted by: Mountain City Christian Counseling

Megan Owen Cox, from Mountain City Christian Counseling, discusses deconstruction and deep, (oft uncharted) psychology. Raw and rough, at times. Also, pretty fascinating, pretty amazing, pretty intelligent… We are...


Andrew Bauman and The Pornification of The Male Psyche

Season #1 Episode #5

This episode is PG-13,- rated R! Andrew and Megan discuss how men project childhood woundedness onto their wives as they sexually, mentally, spiritually, physically abuse them to heal themselves. POWERFUL episode....
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David Hayward, the Naked Pastor

Season #1 Episode #4

Join Meg and David as they discuss deconstruction, spiritual processing groups, and David Hayward’s amazing and rich journey into freedom and life.
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Living With DID Part 2 with special guest, Kath

Season #1 Episode #3

If you enjoyed part one of Living With DID with guest, Kath, please listen as Rochelle takes this powerful woman, through more descriptions of what it’s like to be her diamond self.
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Living with DID, with special guest, KATH. Part 1.

Season #1 Episode #2

Listen as Megan discusses what it’s like to be Kath… Living with fragmented alters with different identities and names.
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