Individual Therapy 


Traditional therapeutic sessions available with Megan Owen Cox, MAR. Megan is passionate for your healing journey, utilizing powerful modalities such as EMDR, DNMS & IFS in her strategy. MCCC is located in the Denver, CO area. Sessions are available in-person and online. All sessions are 50 minutes at $135/session.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, you can email us at [email protected], call 720-336-8206, or fill out the intake form below.

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DV Crisis Support Groups 

with Megan Owen Cox, MAR 

We see you . . . we hear you. We have designed this online group to be affordable, trauma informed and crisis enlightened. For instance, we understand you all don’t have time to read a chapter in a book or watch a lengthy video. You are in survival mode . . . and we want to help.

Ladies, I wish I had had something like this when I was going through my own crises 12 years ago. I had left an abusive husband and came back home to the states with no money, no support and four small kids in tow. I felt utterly lost, confused and bereft of faith. The crises seemed endless and were on the daily. I felt like a burden to anyone who met me . . . I lost weight to the point of being emaciated . . . . I was alone and terrified. I cried every night.

I know what it feels like to cry in the shower, hoping my kids won’t hear me

I know what it feels like to believe that God has completely abandoned me

I know what it feels like to be shunned by my family 

I know what it feels like to lose my church home and 99% of my friends

I know what it feels like to question my sanity

I know what it feels like to be afraid I won’t be able to feed my kids

After years of re-building, I am now a Pastoral Trauma Counselor, certified in trauma, crisis response and suicidality. It is my life's calling to come alongside other single mothers and bring them help and healing.

  • All sessions are 50 mins.
  • Each group consists of 3 women and 1 facilitator.
  • Each member commits to a minimum of 6 consecutive weekly meetings.
  • These groups utilize a powerful reflective listening approach to the group support dynamic.
  • All members get access to a private Facebook group for added support.
  • Complete confidentiality is required.
  • Each week you have the option to watch a short video on a common topic crisis survivors experience. These videos aren't required, but an additional resource if you have the bandwidth to view.
  • Each weekly session is just $30.

Topics we'll address: 

Sharing our Stories // Crisis of Faith // Nervous System Regulation // Severe Mercies // Self-Compassion // Families of Origin // Cognitive Dissonance // Boundaries // Isolation // Narcissism... and more 


The next round of Crisis Support Groups begin in September 2023. Join our waitlist & we'll contact you with available dates and times.