Megan Cox's counseling services at Mountain City Christian Counseling have been a tremendous help in my personal growth. Not only has she given me guidance on how to address trauma experienced by the church, but she is also helping me work through childhood trauma. I have no doubt that with her help I'll be able to live the life that God intended. I truly recommend her services to anyone who has experienced any types of trauma. She has been a godsend to me.

Rachael W

When I started therapy I knew I needed to find someone who really understood the trauma I have been through. Megan understands me so well and she really listens to me. She holds space for all of the emotions that come up during our sessions together. She makes me feel safe to share my pain. She has also given me amazing coping tools to help me in my daily life. I am very grateful to have Megan in my corner, supporting me on my healing journey.

Leslye R

Megan's heart is an open well of compassion, strength, dignity and kindness. I feel each of these every time we work together. Megan is a tender-hearted counselor and provides the safety that her clients need. I am so thankful for her!

Rochelle S