"Words cannot express the gratitude I have for MCCC.

Working with Megan has been such a blessing to my life. Her empathy, compassion
And care for one’s soul is a gift. Megan’s humility and discernment guided me to a place of wholeness. The knowledge / experience / tools she brings to each session are spirit lead. I have attended group sessions and classes that MCCC offers and each experience has been a blessing. Every staff member has been a pleasure to work with, professional, efficient, always working together - with their clients best interests in mind.

I will forever cherish the beloved friends I have at MCCC."

Much love,

"When I started therapy I knew I needed to find someone who really understood the trauma I have been through. Megan understands me so well and she really listens to me. She holds space for all of the emotions that come up during our sessions together. She makes me feel safe to share my pain. She has also given me amazing coping tools to help me in my daily life. I am very grateful to have Megan in my corner, supporting me on my healing journey."  Leslye R.

"First and foremost, Julie and Megan are extremely kind people. It cannot be overstated how important kindness is to a person who has gone through extreme trauma and has been controlled for decades by their spouse. Beyond that, they are knowledgeable, caring and empathetic people who utilize successful tools to help their clients grow, while fostering a spirit of love and grace."  JJ L.

"Megan Cox's counseling services at Mountain City Christian Counseling have been a tremendous help in my personal growth. Not only has she given me guidance on how to address trauma experienced by the church, but she is also helping me work through childhood trauma. I have no doubt that with her help I'll be able to live the life that God intended. I truly recommend her services to anyone who has experienced any types of trauma. She has been a godsend to me."  Rachel W.

"I know how difficult it can be to find a qualified trauma informed counselor who has the skillset and experience to hold space for women ready to find hope and healing from abuse. After learning about MCCC and speaking with Megan over the phone to vet her as someone I would be willing to refer folks to, I quickly realized I needed to see her myself. More symptoms were coming to the surface about my past abuse, and I thought it was time for me to seek more healing. I knew it would be a commitment and I was ready. I knew that I needed someone with the skill and understanding to know when to bring me through certain modalities of healing, such as EMDR and others. (you can fill in those here if that helps). What I experienced is a compassionate and loving woman who understands the deep wounds of childhood trauma and domestic violence. I have grown so much while she has held sacred space for me to process and grieve through my past hurts. I can share with Megan those things that I wouldn't even say out loud in a room by myself for fear I might hear. I am learning what it feels like to heal. I am forever grateful to the dedication to helping women find hope and healing. 

I could also say something about how fantastic it is to find someone who has the ability/programs to offer online. This was a necessity for me as we live in different states."  Sue M.