The Effects of Spiritual Abuse -- Real, Raw & Honest with Patrick Doyle and Megan Owen Cox

Patrick and Meg discuss their own painful stories of spiritual abuse and how they have now become healers on the front lines. Patrick Doyle is a renowned counselor and speaker, offering insight and wisdom as he "bone-chillingly" reveals some of his incredibly painful past where he went from pastor to advocate. 

Patrick Doyle has over thirty years of working with people from all over in treatment centers, churches, and through his professional office.

His authentic and transparent way of leadership has drawn followers from all over the world.

Patrickā€™s own story of emotional and physical abuse has resonated with many. His personal story of pain and survival has filled others with hope.

As a public speaker, Patrick takes difficult conversations head on, communicating hard truths with honesty and safety. He leads with wise counsel, compassion, empathy, and caring validation. His perspective comes from a place of personal experience. Patrickā€™s caring approach has transformed many.

Patrick Doyle is passionate about connecting with people so that they may see their individual value and as a result, experience the freedom from the lies that destroy their wellness of spirit. His hope is that others will partner with him in helping others see, believe, and act on their intrinsic value.

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