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You don't have to navigate Trauma alone

Find Hope and Space to Heal Here

Megan D. Owen Cox (owner), MAR Pastoral Counseling is a pastoral trauma counselor, specializing in spiritual process groups, individual Christian Therapy,

DNMS, Internal Family Systems and EMDR. MCCC is a unique practice in that our clinicians have developed a specialty surrounding the full spectrum of dissociative disorders (including DID), successfully utilizing the modality of DNMS therapy (Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy -- an ego state therapy) AND systems for helping those affected by religious trauma. 

Megan is trauma-informed, certified in crisis response with the AACC, certified in bereavement therapy and, also, suicidology with CAMS. Megan runs a trauma-informed team of Master's Level Clinicians who work together, holistically, to bring healing and hope. 


About Megan 

Fully-certified since 2012 as a crisis pastoral counselor (MAR, Pastoral Counseling), I’ve been successfully companioning clients all over the country while facilitating their self-growth. My services aim to help heal trauma and abuse, work with those who suffer from dissociative disorders and, even, to serve "ex-vangelicals" who are leaving their church -- but not their faith. I lead spiritual process groups. I am trained in EMDR and DNMS (Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy). Certified in bereavement, crisis response, trauma therapies and suicidology. I am also a Chaplain, certified with the ACPE.


Trauma Informed Counseling

Find Peace in the Process of Living Again


Spiritual Process Groups

Go deeper into your faith with others

Do you long for a safe healthy space to ask  hard questions and process spiritual pain? 

These cohort-style groups meet once a month surrounding a specific topic. They are drop-in and you can register for one or all of them! These brave humans  work with Megan and members of her team to dig into holistic understanding of faith and process spiritual abuse & trauma.

 We will be learning healthy relational techniques and cultivating potential 

life-long friendships.

Individual Therapy

Trauma Processing

Our therapy seeks to get to the heart of trauma by using EMDR, DNMS, EFT and other emotional freedom techniques -- all wrapped in the love of God and trauma-informed care.


About Rev. Mark 

MCCC is excited to announce the addition of Rev. Mark Avery as our newest pastoral counselor! Mark is an ordained minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has over  25 years of Christian ministry and is counseling graduate of Vision international university in Dallas, Texas. He carries a bachelor of arts degree in theology and Christian education, he has served as pastor, chaplain, crisis, counselor, and church elder with a passion to serve and help those in need of encouragement and hope and renewed faith in God through his son Jesus Christ.

Mark is a GIFTED orator and speaks out strongly against abuse, calling out the root as PRIDE and ENTITLEMENT.

To schedule a session with Rev. Mark, please reach out to him at

Woman by the Water

"You are worth your healing . . . "

MCCC Mission:

MCCC thrives on being passionate ambassadors for those who are seeking healing and spiritual depth. We do this through private counseling, coaching and spiritual process groups. Although we are all pastors, we are also a for-profit company. We will never judge and always love.

Our core values are:

Compassion for self and others,
Companionship & Curiosity

Schedule an Intake 

Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey

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