Sam Powell's Story of Church Betrayal

Many of us know what it is like to be ex-communicated from a beloved church. The psychological stress and pain are almost unbearable. In today's episode, the esteemed Sam Powell shares his story of deep betrayal by his denomination and friends. You will hear Megan express speechlessness often, listening to the cruel and undeserved treatment of her friend as Sam shares all. And he does not just share the pain -- he and Susan move forward into a new place, a new life and a new outlook!

Megan feels extremely blessed to be the recipient of such a sacred story of loss, grief and freedom.

Brought up and trained in Reformed circles, Sam still loves the historic confessions and classic theology of the church. But the culture has left him behind. Now, Sam works as a cook during the day, and pastor to the restless wherever he can. Sam is a brilliant theologian and pastor. I hope you hear his message of Shalom!
Sam is married with children and grandchildren, and lives in Minnesota.

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