Gretchen Baskerville and The Life-Saving Divorce

About half of the divorces in the United States are for serious things. They aren't frivolous or "grass is greener" or "I miss the party life" divorces. They are for major marriage-destroying sins such as adultery, addictions, physical abuse, or emotional abuse/neglect. Gretchen calls these "Life-Saving Divorces."

Gretchen Baskerville is a Christian divorce recovery leader and researcher. Since 1998, she has worked in churches in the Los Angeles area. She helps heartbroken people find strength, courage, and healing. For more than 20 years she has worked with Christian women and men going through difficult, life- saving divorces, listening with compassion to those who have suffered from domestic violence, betrayal, infidelity, addicted partners, and emotional abuse.

Herself the survivor of a toxic marriage, she walked through her own lifesaving divorce and was a single mother for many years. Today she is happily remarried. She is a graduate of Wheaton College with a degree in Bible and Christian Education.

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