Dr. Maryann Kyle BRILLIANTLY discusses the neuroscience behind connected singing

Dr. Maryann Kyle is a celebrated and accomplished vocalist and teacher of teachers. In this podcast interview, Dr. Kyle discusses the remarkable parallels between connection to body and emotions when singing, and connection to body and emotions in mental health. What does it look like to be able to honestly and vulnerably connect to our "divine spark"? What is the "spirit breath"? How can a singer communicate emotion through song and how does that relate to connecting to our spiritual core selves as brilliant creatures?

Listen as DK describes healing experiences in her studio and passionately articulates the neuroscience of singing.

Dr. Kyle has dedicated her professional life to guiding singers and teachers in their pursuit not only of exceptional singing, but also captivating performance. In addition to her active studio of performers she also actively mentors over thirty teachers of voice and theatre in various universities across the United States, and her students can be found on the stages of the finest opera and musical theatre companies, conservatories and training programs across the globe. Kyle is the founder of MK Studios and MK Productions which provides private instruction and workshop training for singers and teachers. In her spare time, Kyle is in training to compete in extreme sports obstacle course racing.

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