Jane Clapp and Megan Owen Cox -- Awe, Death & The Numinous

Jane comes to Megan through divine friendship. Jane is a healer, a guide and a spacious soul of refuge for all who are suffering. In this episode, Jane and Megan share personal stories from their lives and from the counseling room, doing their best to capture the mystery and sacredness of our inner landscape, as well as the intricate humans surrounding them. They share raw and honest mutual discussion of their journeys toward becoming and what they do to try to companion those they love.

Jane has brought together  many years of somatic study and twenty years of clinical experience, along with her own extensive personal Jungian Analysis and her professional training as a Jungian Analyst, She has developed what she refers to as Jungian Somatics.

She is certified in dozens of different modalities and creatively intertwines her degrees and experience to mystically and sacredly move throughout the psyche while utilizing archetypal maps and principles, bringing tremendous healing. Jane lives in Toronto and is an advanced candidate with the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts, a psychotherapist (under supervision) and an expert in the intersection of the body and psyche.

Please find Jane and her wondrous offerings here: https://www.janeclapp.com

Enjoy this VERY SPECIAL podcast.