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for C-PTSD & abuse survivors:

Bringing You Home to Yourself 


Do you ever have that “hollow” feeling? Like you are disconnected from yourself or others? Or maybe you don’t feel as though you know yourself — even your own likes and dislikes. Maybe you sense that there is something inherently wrong with you, and other people see it, but you don’t. Do you feel shut down? Struggling with relationships? Afraid to be seen and known?

Would you like recovery & resources for common traumatic stress injuries such as:

  • emotional flashbacks
  • toxic shame
  • self-abandonment
  • dissociation
  • attachment disorder
  • relationship difficulties
  • tyrannical inner critic
  • flight/flight/freeze/fawn coping mechanisms

Are you ready to recover your Truest Self? 


If you can relate to any of the above, please know that is normal as a C-PTSD & abuse survivor, and you are not alone!

We have worked hard collaborating with fellow experts in the mental & spiritual health industry to pack this 12-week course with everything you need to reconnect -> to yourself, to God, and to others. We want you to understand who you are, so that you can thrive in healthy relationships & experience Shalom.

By the end of the course, you will feel more "whole" and "alive." Using spirituality and theology, combined with a unique perspective using Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy and Internal Family Systems, you will feel better, having the ability to see and connect to yourself and your body.

Sacred Self  *  Origin  *  Understanding  *  Reconnect  *  Centered  *  Engaged

Module 1

Sacred Self

  • The Paradigm Shift with Patrick Doyle
  • The Betrayed Self with Elle Renee Arters
  • The True & Beloved Self with Sarah McDugal
  • Inner Child Connection with Jane Clapp

Module 2

Origin & Understanding 

  • Depth of Soul with Jane Clapp
  • Origin Stories with Megan Owen Cox
  • Shalom with Sam Powell
  • Internal Family Systems with Luke & Lauren Smallcomb

Module 3

Reconnect, Centered & Engaged

  • Learning to Companion Self with Megan Owen Cox
  • Learning to Love Ourselves & Others with Joseph Pote
  • Self Compassion with Megan Owen Cox
  • Connection to Body with Jane Clapp

3 LIVE Special Events:

  • Q&A with David Hayward, The Naked Pastor
  • Art Journaling with Elle Renee Arters
  • DNMS Role Playing with Megan Owen Cox


12 Bonus Videos with:

  • Natalie Hoffman
  • Dr. Andrew Bauman
  • Helena Knowlton
  • Heather Elizabeth
  • Sue Mocker
  • Victoria Petro
  • Sarah Cox
  • Karen De Armond Gardner

Contributors to the Course:

We Offer 3 Options to Access this Course...

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Our next course releases January 8 - April 4, 2024

  • This is a 12 week pre-recorded video based curriculum.
  • You can access your videos in your personalized library on our website. An introduction video will be immediately available.
  • Every Monday, you will receive an email from us letting you know the weekly video lesson has been released. 
  • Lessons are either conducted by therapist, Megan Owen Cox, or between herself & a guest instructor.
  • The videos remain accessible throughout the course duration with lifetime access upon completion of the course. 
  • Each video includes journaling prompts to promote further reflection & self-awareness, which can be answered in a comments section for members on each video page. 
  • You will complete your first payment upon purchase, and then the remaining two payments will be automatically debited the following two months. 
  • Group sessions are available with Megan on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons & evenings. When purchasing on the store page, make sure to purchase the package with the correct group days & times that you can attend.
  • Group sessions include 3 S.O.U.R.C.E. members, plus Megan.
  • Group sessions must be attended during the 12 week course duration. Refunds or make up sessions are not available.
  • Individual therapy sessions are available with Megan T-F. Once you have purchased the course, Julie will contact you to schedule your 3 individual therapy sessions.
  • Therapy sessions must be attended during the 12 week course duration. Refunds or make up sessions can be determined on an individual basis. 
  • Live Special Events dates & links will be available within the course. All events will be recorded & available to anyone who cannot make the event in real time.

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