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Our Little Ones Need Our Love

Aug 22, 2022

Not a week goes by where one of our beloved clients doesn't create something powerful, as an outpouring of their pain, healing, loneliness, beauty and so much more. The drawing below was created by a woman who has worked incredibly hard to bring healing to her Little Girl Self. You can see that the wounded child inside of her needed to be able to remove her mask, share and receive healing. She was violated and alone. She carried others' shame that was not her's to carry. The beautiful woman who is scooping her up is my grown-up, female client, in all of her glory and wholeness. This woman is rescuing herself -- she HAS rescued herself, over and over. Going forward, this little girl will always be protected and nurtured. Grown up woman will keep her safe, now, and will never receive monstrous treatment again.


She is her own nurturer and her own protector now. She is no longer vulnerable to predators . . . no longer helpless and powerless . . . no longer uncared for and thrown away.


This is the work we do at MCCC. Through the Developmental Needs-Meeting Strategy (DNMS), we teach our clients to bring forward all of their wounded "parts" for healing. Where there are misunderstandings, we help clear them up. Where there are traumatic memories, we reprocess them (through EMDR). Where there is abandonment, we show them love and complete acceptance.


They've waited a long time for that. And they don't have to wait, anymore.


How many of us wish our mothers could have helped us process through tough emotions or traumatic experiences? How many of us wish that our fathers could have protected us from abuse, neglect and sexual trauma? A lot of parents are good parents but simply miss the mark. Maybe they were overwhelmed or under stress or pressure or, maybe, they had their own pain or mental illness or both.


Many parents were atrociously abusive. Our child parts need re-parenting.


I want to celebrate this brave woman because of the hard, agonizing work she is doing to provide for her own needs. This isn't to say we do not need co-regulation -- we were wired for that. But, we were not wired for co-dependency or enmeshment. By utilizing the modality of DNMS, this brave client is able to bring herself healing and comfort whenever she needs it.


She inspires me.


Be encouraged as you gaze at this work of art. Life is a journey and we are here to companion you. In fact, it is a deep honor.


Self love, self-compassion, self-honor.


Love, Megan

(art shared with permission)