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Help for Disordered Eating Mini Conference Part 2* -- November 2, 2022 6-8pm MST

You are invited to a mini-conference for those
who are struggling with disordered eating.


What you will experience:


1. DNMS demonstration surrounding
bringing healing to the body

2. Core Beliefs surrounding our bodies

3. The connection between eating disorders and a need for co-regulation (in other words, NOT having connections fuels eating disorders)

4. Food intake ideas for moving forward healthfully

Who this is for:


Any human and/or clinician who would like to dive deep into a fuller understanding of what causes eating disorders and how to find healing.

*Clients do NOT need to have gone through Part 1 in order to take Part 2


What is the cost?



Who is leading the conference?

Rev. Megan Owen Cox, MA, Pastoral Counseling


Join us by registering below. Looking forward to seeing you!


Love, Megan


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