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Are you in the process of de-constructing your faith? Are you struggling to attend a church? Would you like to take a deeper dive into the world of the Judeo-Christian religion? This group may be for you!


We laugh, we cry, we bond . . . we learn together.


In an intimate, online, private setting, we gather in groups of 3-4 to verbally process and reflect on each weeks reading and video. It is once a week and each session is a low weekly cost. This is helpful for those who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford a larger one time payment. We understand that sometimes things come up and you might have to miss a session, we just ask for half of that week's session fee in order to cover MCCC staff time. 


These cohorts are RICH in meaning and participants and facilitators always leave with full cups.

If you are interested in the curriculum here is a brief overview of where our content focus will be.


Unit One:  


Week 1:   Reflective Listening

Week 2:   Holding Space for Our Stories 

Week 3:   Good Grief  

Week 4:   Loss & Lament 

Week 5:   Spiritual Timeline

Week 6:   Doubt & Faith

Week 7:   Imposter Syndrome

Week 8:   Prophetic Imagination 

Week 9:   Table Fellowship

Week 10: Self Compassion

Week 11: Contemplation 

Week 12: Final Project

Unit Two: *Is available to those who have finished Unit 1 as it builds on what we have learned and shared in our co-horts. 


Week 1:   Validating Our Stories

Week 2:   Origin Stories

Week 3:   Sin & Death

Week 4:   Sex & Purity Culture

Week 5:   Art & Beauty 

Week 6:   Satan & Demons

Week 7:   True Shalom 

Week 8:   LGBTQ+ & The Church

Week 9:   Alternate Community

Week 10: Empire

Week 11: Where Are You Now?

Week 12: Final Project

Please reach out if you are interested!  casey@mountaincitychristiancounseling.com