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Safe Spaces to Process 

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Watch as Megan discusses Faith Shifts and Deconstruction with Ashely Easter from the Courage 365 Show.
Are you struggling with your faith? This is an excellent, free resource to address the fear that can surround what feels like "risky thinking". 


May 9, 2023:
Imposter Syndrome & Self-Compassion! 

Dear Sojourners,

Abuse has been so rampant in our lives and spiritual abuse has taken many of us from the One who loves us the most. This season, beginning February 1, 2023, I (Heather) will be offering a very special way to connect.

We are trying something new this year - once a month meetings of 2 hrs, focused on a couple of interrelated issues. You can sign up for any month’s group that interests you. There will be some reading and short videos to watch prior to the class. You are not required to attend each month. There will only be one date and time offered each month. We want to offer these drop-in classes as a way to share spiritual intimacy with others and have freedom to ask questions! I will send you a podcast, video and/or a themed reading beforehand to discuss. I can't wait to see you there! Sign up Soon! 


Are you in the process of de-constructing your faith? Are you struggling to attend a church? Would you like to take a deeper dive into the world of the Judeo-Christian religion? This group may be for you!


We laugh, we cry, we bond . . . we learn together.


In an intimate, online, private setting, we gather to verbally process and reflect on each month's reading and video. 


These cohorts are RICH in meaning and participants and facilitators always leave with full cups.

If you are interested in the curriculum here is a brief overview of where our content focus will be.


Unit One (Please note these dates are for 2023):  


Session 1, FEBRUARY 7, 5-7PST:   Reflective Listening & Holding Space for our Stories

Session 2, MARCH 7, 5-7PST  Spiritual Timeline, Doubt and Faith

Session 3, MAY 9, 5-7PST Imposter Syndrome and Self-Compassion

Session 4, MAY 23, 5-7PST Prophetic Imagination and Table Fellowship

Session 5, JUNE 6, 5-7PST  Contemplation and the Prayer of Examen

Unit Two: *Is available to those who have finished Unit 1 as it builds on what we have learned and shared in our co-horts. 


Week 1:   Validating Our Stories

Week 2:   Origin Stories

Week 3:   Sin & Death

Week 4:   Sex & Purity Culture

Week 5:   Art & Beauty 

Week 6:   Satan & Demons

Week 7:   True Shalom 

Week 8:   LGBTQ+ & The Church

Week 9:   Alternate Community

Week 10: Empire

Week 11: Where Are You Now?

Week 12: Final Project

Unit three: *Is available to those who have finished Units 1 and 2

Week 1: Thought Reform and Traumatic Narcissism 

Week 2: Femininity

Week 3: Enneagram

Week 4: Apologies

Week 5: Materiality as Resistance

Week 6: Gnostic vs. Synoptic Gospels

Week 7: Advent/Epiphany

Week 8: Sabbath as Resistance

Week 9: Hell

Week 10: Imago Dei

Week 11: Embracing the Other

Week 12: Final Project

Please reach out if you are interested! 

About Our SPG Facilitator 

(BA, Certified Bilingual Teacher, Certified Advocated for Victims/ Survivors of DV)

Heather was raised in London, England as a nominal Anglican. She only discovered Jesus in her 20’s but has been on fire for Him ever since - that’s 30 years!! She is still the only member of her family, other than her son who is a Christian and continues to be questioned for her beliefs. She was married for 4 years to a man who abused both her and her young son. It was her ex’s spiritual abuse of her son that was the last straw and led them to escape in the night, the day after Heather’s 50th birthday. She now runs the Registered Charity “Shepherd My Sheep Domestic Violence Ministries” whose aim is to educate all community members about domestic violence and how to recognise and come alongside victims/ survivors. The majority of her work is currently done in Africa, via Zoom. She also advocates for survivors of Domestic Violence. Heather has found incredible community and spiritual growth in the MCCC SPG and is absolutely THRILLED to be a facilitator now! Heather has completed Units 1 and 2 and is currently working through Unit 3. Knowing Jesus more is her passion, as is bringing that Light to others’ lives.

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