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Parental Alienation Groups

Elle Arters is an expert on parental alienation. She has been encouraging and coaching others for the better part of 10 years through the treacherous minefield of PA. For years, Megan has trusted Elle with any human who is suffering through this agonizing phenomenon. Elle has recently felt led (and called) to open up groups as the interest in her services has recently grown. Through MCCC, you can find help and healing for your current journey. For more information, see below. 


1. These powerful groups meet for 6 weeks at a time. There will be 4 women, plus Elle, per group
in attendance. Each weekly session is $30 (payable through MCCC). You will receive access
to a private Facebook Support group for additional community, resources & support
throughout each week. 

2. We are looking to start the week of April 17th, 2023.

3. These are *support* groups, which means every woman will have a specific time
to share whatever she would like about her story or current situation. We will practice
reflective listening & responses, which naturally provide validation, empathy,
attunement, resources & tools when desired, and community. It is remarkably healing &
encouraging to know you’re not alone while walking such a painful journey as parental

4. Each week there will be a theme we can center our experiences & sharing
time around. Or, if a woman would prefer to share a specific alienation incident that is
occurring & would like to debrief (regardless of that week’s theme), she can do that as
well. We will try to add women in a similar stage & experience of parental alienation
into the same group, and will tailor the themes accordingly.

For April - May 2023 groups, weekly themes will be:

Week 1 - Introductions, sharing personal story
Week 2 - sharing about your precious kiddos
Week 3 - practical ideas to remain connected (tangibly & emotionally)
Week 4 - grief & anger & other hard emotions you have towards your kids
Week 5 - reframing “motherhood” in this season
Week 6 - identity - one step(s) towards wholeness 

5. As a friendly reminder, these groups are not counseling, coaching or legal
groups. There will not be any professional mental health or legal advice offered.

6.These groups are for women who are protective & targeted mothers with children who are alienated, or experiencing alienation. Other terms to describe your family experience are DV by Proxy, Coercive Control, Pathogenic Parenting, & Brainwashing.  These groups are not for women who are protective parents who have been falsely accused of parental alienation.

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