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We are very excited about this new show/podcast Megan was able to join with Luke and Lauren from Flourish Therapy. If you are in a risky/abusive/less-than-ideal environment but want to develop your Self and Strength and Resources, please listen above for all of the hot tips and deep healing (including a free therapeutic exercise you can practice anytime on your own!). Megan also shares some of her personal story of escaping abuse in 2011. This is a FANTASTIC, informational video. Don't miss it! 

From a Fawn to a FORCE! Session 1 Now Available!

We are so thrilled to be able to offer a video recording of Session 1 from our very-popular Conference: From a Fawn to a FORCE! In this video, Megan and Rochelle discuss:

1. What is fawning and how do we develop our inner Fawn?
2. How have conservative churches taught us to fawn?

3. What is the difference between service and self-abandonment? 

4. How does poor theology affect how we see our Selves?

If you have found yourself people pleasing and engaging in the trauma response of fawning, these sessions will bring TREMENDOUS clarity and information on the neurological processes of fawning and how we can "come home to ourselves" and be all that God meant for us to be. Purchase the first session for $59.79. And then watch for Sessions 2, 3 and 4 forthcoming! 

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Fawn Conference Part 2: Neurobiology of the Fawn

So, how do we become fawns? Explore the fascinating brain science behind the polyvagel theory, "tend & befriend" (ancient necessity!) and listen as Rochelle, Meg and Jane discuss the embodiment of the soul while taking steps to connect to ourselves and listen to our bodies. If you know they "why", you can understand the "how can I re-shapte my nervous system?"

Our Store . . . 

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