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Our Children Need Support, Too

Crisis Groups for Kids

Parents should not have to navigate the rough trauma-waters alone. We recognize there is a tremendous need for vulnerable children of all ages to have a safe outlet to discuss their hard feelings. Led by Master's Level Clinician, Rochelle Sadie, these groups are deftly created for children of all ages and are completely online. There are three offerings for three different age groups. As an expert in education and trauma, Rochelle weaves together her tremendous skill-set to bring love, light and life back to the fabric of your children lives. 

All Sessions are 90 Minutes

Fee: $60 per Session



Ages 5-9

This is a 12-week course for our youngest of vulnerable children. Meeting in groups (all online), Rochelle will care for the "least of these" as she utilizes music, story-time and discussions surrounding safety and emotional awareness. 

Ages 10-13

Rochelle takes your kiddos to a more age-appropriate understanding of boundaries, emotional regulation and processing of feelings. The kids in this group bond and grow together for this 12-week course. 

School Kids

Ages 13-18
(High School Ages)

Rochelle masterfully includes elements of DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) into her powerful conversations with your teens. We have "watched" Rochelle help these precious young people move from complete shut-down to vibrant, self-aware kiddos. This 12-week course is a tremendous must-experience journey for your vulnerable child. 

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